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Grammar Bytes Interactive exercises and printable handouts on a variety of grammar topics.
Guide to Grammar and Writing This site is grammar and writing lessons at the word & sentence level, paragraph level, and essay & research paper level.  Under quizzes, there are 170+ interactive grammar quizzes.  Under powerpoints there are presentations about a number of topics.
Hands on Banking The free, down-loadable Instructor Guides provide everything you'll need to guide participants through real-life scenarios, group discussions, and valuable activities.
Hmong Bilingual English-Hmong health information.  Lots of topics.
Hobby Shop Hands on science and math activities-ie-Microscope Lab,Chemistry,Rockets,Catapults.  Connecting classroom work to hands on activities in science and math topics.  This site serves as the hands on part to classroom lessons.
Holidays on the Net This site has a list of holidays in calendar order.  Each holiday then has links to a number of sites.
Houghton Mifflin Education Place This is an official Houghton Mifflin site-lots of stuff.  Click the Students tab and choose a subject area- Reading, math, science, social studies, or spelling.  Choose a book (e-books are best), a grade, and it will link you to a variety of activities.  I clicked social studies, the social studies e-book, US History, and Interactive Maps.   Clicking on the legend adds features to the maps!  There are also questions for the students below.  In the math category, there are online, interactive games available.  In science, there are simulations.  Lots and lots of material here.
HyperGrammar - University of Ottawa Explanations of grammar including: parts of speech, parts of a sentence, punctuatoin, using pronouns, using verbs, modifiers, building phrases, building clauses, building sentences, writing paragraphs, diction, and spelling.  Online reference- no activities. iCivics is a web-based, nonprofit, educational organization whose mission is to reinvigorate the teaching of civics through interactive games, innovative lesson plans, and online activities. The organization was launched in 2007 by retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, who is concerned that students are not getting the information and tools they need for civic participation, and that civics teachers need better materials and support. In a nonpartisan way,computer games focus on subjects such as voting, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, separation of powers, and the roles and responsibilities of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal government.
Illuminations This National Council of Teachers of Mathematics site has online activities, printable lessons, standards, and web links.  Search by grade level from pre-K through 12 and by searching for a key word.  Some literacy and computer skills assumed although difficulty varies.  Wide range of topics including (but by no means limited to)- geometry, graphing, fractions, maps, and lots of advanced math.
Inpics computer lessons An easy-to-follow pictorial lessons on using various versions of Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Open Office and more
Interactive Math by Cut the Knot This site has a number of explanations, activities, and games for math.  Topics include: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, logic, visual illusions, and more. 
Internet Basics for ESL Students This site has 14 lessons introducing the internet to ESL students.  Includes vocabulary, dialogs, computer competency goals, and more.
Internet TESL Journal for ESL/EFL teachers Articles, research papers, lessons plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas & links for teachers of ESL.  This is a monthly web journal so articles change regularly.
Isabel's ESL Site This site has activities and explanations in Spanish and some in Spanish and English for a number of web/computer and English topics. 
John's ESL This site has a large number of quizzes and tutorials for grammar, vocab, listening, reading, writing, idioms, and more.  Be sure to look at both the left and right sides of the window for lists of choices.
Kansas Adult Ed Technology Competencies and Curriculum This site has ABE competencies and lessons for basic word processing, Internet, email and PowerPoint at 4 different levels.
Karen Organization of Minnesota The Karen Organization of Minnesota is the first social services agency in the country founded by Karen refugees from Burma. They offer a variety of programs to help refugees transition to life in a new country and achieve their goals. The website also provide resources to help organizations learn how to work with this growing community.  
Latino Cultures in the US Discover thousands of artworks, artifacts and stories from Latino cultural organizations across the United States
Learn 4 Good Has grammar explanations and exercises, TOEFL info and links, and recommendations for books (not exercises) for a variety of topics including: listening, speaking, writing, slang, and various work/business topics.  Also has common difficulties for native speakers of Czech, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Mongolian with links to exercises within the site and recommendations for books and chapters to practice. 
Learn a Language: Online English grammar, games, tests, and exercises.  Most activities are free.  Taking the free assessment test requires a valid email address (and I suspect they will advertise to you).  The layout is a little unusual and navigation is initially tricky, but seems to be consistent once you understand it.  Other languages also available. 
Learning and Teaching Telling Time Site has variety of telling time activities for teachers and students.  Under the Time to Learn tab, in Time Telling Games and Quizzes, there is a Beat the Clock interactive game and a printable Just in Time Game.  Also under the Time to Learn tab there is an Interactive Learning Clock which the students can move ahead different increments of time by clicking accompanied by a digital display. Under the Time for Teachers tab there are lesson plans, premade worksheets, and worksheet creators.  Under the About Time tab there is information about the history of clocks, types of clocks, and time zones.
Learning English Online This site provides explanations and exercises for English grammar and vocabulary by topic and by number of years of English studied.  Activities include tests, cloze, fill in, and listening comprehension. This site has materials to print and use in class- worksheets, books, and clip art.  Use the samples or sign up (they claim it's free).
Library Of Congress Official Library of Congress site all about the history of America and Americans.  Topics include: biographies, periods and events, states, sports and leisure, and movies and songs. Menus include: Library Catalog, Digital Collections, Researchers, U.S. Copyright Office,, Law Library and Teachers. Also has services for Free Braille & Talking Books.