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English Listening Language Lab Online ELLLO is free online listening resources for ESL students and teachers.  Most listening activities include images, an interactive quiz, and a transcript of the audio.  Categories include: games, songs, news, interviews, talking points, and picture descriptions. 
English Listening Lesson Library Online   Listen to over 2,500 FREE ESL lessons with audio and video!Exercises are focused on "big picture" listening tasks supported with digital images. The site also has worksheets, quizzes and an extensive archive of listening topics. 
English Page - Advanced English Lessons This site focuses on English language learning for the more advanced ESL student.
English Zone This is a pay-site, though it has a number of free activities within it.  There are many, many topics including: grammar, idiom, reading, spelling, verb, writing, basic skills, dictionaries, holidays, pronunciation, study skills, vocabulary, worksheets to print, and more.  Once a topic is chosen, activities are organized by easy, intermediate, and advanced.  I would say their levels correlate fairly closely with ours. Online ESL tests in a variety of topics: grammar, synonyms, business English, common errors, idioms, and more.  Levels are labeled elementary, intermediate, and advanced on the site but are more high intermediate to advanced. A for-pay site which has a number of free sample activities on a variety of topics including- grammar, idioms, reading, spelling, verbs, writing, basic skills, holidays, and more.  The activities with the glasses are free and the ones with a key are subscription only.  Some are obviously written with CASAS in mind.
Enjoy Your English This French site has a number of activities for practicing English including: tongue twisters, karaoke, giving commands, and more.  Some portions of the site are in French.
ESL - English as a Second Language This site provides links to many other sites.  See left-hand side for lists. 
ESL Base Worksheets and classroom activities for a variety of topics.
ESL Galaxy This site has 2000+ printable worksheets plus online powerpoint presentations, interactive quizzes, and grammar/vocabulary exercises for students. 
ESL Gold This site provides activities and links for a wide variety of English skills and skill levels.  Topics include: speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, business, pronunciation, TOEFL, and idioms.  Activities can also be sorted by level- their beginning is probably our intermediate.
ESL Intensive English for International Students A website for learners and teachers of English.  Online lessons and exercises in grammar, reading and writing, vocabulary and idioms, spelling, pronunciation, listening. 
ESL Partyland For ELL teachers and students, online and printable activities, quizzes, and online discussions.  Also online scavenger hunts and internet worksheets.  Quiz Center a number of different online quizzes labeled by topic and level of difficulty from very easy to TOEFL. Navigation within the site is a little tricky, so be sure you know exactly how to get around.  Try the buttons on the top of each page.
ESL Resource Center Primarily an ESL site, it has many activities that help the student learn Grammar, Listening, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary, idioms, reading, and writing
ESL Study Hall This site has links to a number of other sites organized into 6 categories: reading, writing, listening,vocabulary, grammar, and US culture. 
Excel exercises Downloadable worksheets for learning Microsoft Excel.
Fact Monster This site has activities on a number of topics including: the United States, time, money, science, and more.
Fact Monster - Citizenship Test Practice citizenship test online.
FDIC Money Smart Money Smart is a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to help low- and moderate-income individuals outside the financial mainstream enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships.
Federal Emergency Management Agency Official federal government site has information for individuals and suggestions for planning ahead, applying for assistance, and more.
Free Online Dictionaries Free online dictionaries from English to a variety of languages and back. 
Free Online Pronunciation Guides Compares pronunciation of English from around the world. 
Free Worksheets This site has free worksheets to print for levels K-12.  Topics include: handwriting, history, language arts, math, phonics, reading, science/geography, social studies, thinking skills, United States, and writing. This free site offers a wide range of online courses.  There are explanations and activities for each of the courses.  Click ''All Courses'' tab to see list of topics including:  GED prep, mathematics, science, lots of employment topics. 
FunBrain This site has some unusual games in the Classic section including: plurals, grammar, and math.  The graphics are designed for children but the content is good.