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Project X 2002 A German site with some unusual activities in English, including cartoon reading, verb tense charts, and an English ''first aid kit'' with common trouble spots. Project X 2002 is an independent, interactive learning platform with more than 300 interactive exercises for Dutch, English and German.
Quia Interactive quizzes, flash cards, fill in the blank activities created by educators on many topic areas for many different learners.  Enter as a student in the Shared Activities section, then search for the subject you want. This for-pay membership site offers free samples of online educational games for science, math, English, social science, and foreign languages.  Under English are activities- ESL for Spanish speakers, ESL for French speakers, ESL for Italian speakers, and ESL for Portuguese speakers.  Under math are some create your own problem activities as well as answering math questions. Under Social Science are US history and constitution.  Under Tests is TOEFL.  Click on the Join Now link on the top of the homepage for a free 3-day trial and membership info.
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab This site is all listening activities.  General listening quizzes are everyday conversations with adult and children's voices.  Listening quizzes for academic purposes prepare for TOEFL/TOEIC.  There are also 20-minute ESL vocabulary lessons, language learning and life tips, and long conversations with RealVideo, plus a link to more short listening quizzes on the bottom of the page.  Partway down the page, there is a link, Listening Self-Study Guide, which organizes listening exercises into topics labeled by level of difficulty.
Read the Road Official US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration site.  Explanations about safety, pavement markings, traffic signs, traffic signals, sharing the road, navigating the road, and dangers. 
Reading for Today's Adults This site has leveled reading selections for adult learners from Level 0.7 to 8.0 in a variety of topics: civics, housing, employment, health, school, money, and government.  Listen to the stories read aloud.  Printable warm-up, story, and writing activities.
Reading Practice with Word Families Reading Practice with Word Families has online stories with photos and sound along with pre and post-reading activities.  The themes are home, health, and daily activity/work.  Each story focuses on a word family-uck, ay, ight, ink, est, ell, ill, ug, ain, ake, ank, ock.  The teacher's manual offers help and ideas.  Downloadable versions of each story are also available.
Researching Maps and Countries Students will research countries and find and use maps for their reports.  How to use an online atlas for researching a country and writing a report.  They may also use the World Book Atlas to find more infomation about the country.
RHL School Ready to use, free printable worksheets for reading comprehension, English basics (analogies, synonyms, suffixes, etc.), math problem solving (word problems), research skills, and math computation.  Answer keys available at the end of each list of worksheets.
Sadlier Resources Sadlier is curriculum publisher of English Language Arts and Mathematics . They beleive their traditional approach to teaching core curriculum content has been proven effective for decades to truly prepare students for the demands of college-level work and life.This site provides free, difficulty level organized games, lessons and tip sheets in Phonics and Word Studies.  These are grade level appropriate for PreK through 6th grade. 
Science Museum of Minnesota This site has information about the Science Museum of MN, field trips, teacher resources, science, and more.  The site itself requires good literacy skills, but many of the exhibits are appropriate for lower level.
SCORE History/Social Science Over 5,000 history and Social Science websites organized by California standard, grade level topic, and keyword.  Includes resources, lessons, literature, and help for teachers. While the sites have not been updated recently, due to continuing demand, they have archived their content for all to access.
Sheppard Software This site has games and activities to practice a variety of topics including: geography, vocabulary, math, science, health, and history.  I tried the Math Man (like Pac Man) and it's video game style will appeal to some learners, especially younger ones. 
Smithsonian Hispanic Resources
Somali Museum of Minnesota Founded in 2011, the Somali Museum of Minnesota opened the doors of its public gallery in 2013 as North America's first and only museum devoted to Somali culture. At last update, the Somali Museum of Minnesota was the only museum of Somali culture anywhere in the world.  The Somali Museum is the home of Somali creativity in North America, and is a global leader in advancing and elevating the work of Somali artists, traditional and contemporary.  
SPCLC Basic Computer Skills Curriculum On this site you will find lesson modules covering basic computer skills- very basic computer skills, computer vocabulary, opening and saving files, skills and activities practice, MS Word exercises, Excel exercises, internet, and PowerPoint.
Speak, Read, Write Teaching and study materials for high intermediate to advanced learners.  Includes articles and short stories (some of which have mp3 files for listening along), writing skills, speaking skills, puzzles and vocabulary exercises, idioms, and short stories for advanced readers.  
Speak-Read-Write This site provides many free lessons concerning various aspects of learning English.  There are no interactive lessons, but the reading activities and printable materials are good.
Spelling and Grammar Use this site for learning, reviewing and practicing grammar and spelling skills.  This site will reinforce skills taught in the classroom. This site offers online activities to help students learn English grammar.
Star Tribune online Official Star Tribune newspaper site- news, sports, lifestyle, classified ads, cars, homes, jobs, shopping. 
Starfall This site, though designed for the very young English learner, is also wonderful for the adult English learner.  It focuses on the very basics of the English language phonics up to simple reading and vocabulary.  Click the word and listen.  Also great for pre-literate, new computer users to learn mouse basics.
Susan's Advanced English Online activities with print option.  Quia format.  CASAS emphasis.
Susan's Beginning English Online activities.  Quia format.  CASAS emphasis.
Susan's ESL Grammar Online activities with print option.  Quia format.  CASAS emphasis.