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Susan's Intermediate English Online activities with printable option.  Quia format.  CASAS emphasis.
Syvum: Online Education and Interactive Lerarning Math story problems to answer and check online.  Teach unknown vocabulary in the problems (tulips, hens, plums, etc.) by Googling images.  Look under both arithmetic and math.  The numbers within the problems are randomized so the problem is new each time the student visitis.  Site includes other topics- geography, history, English, etc.
Teacher Resources by Annenberg Media Teacher resources and teacher development across the curriculum- free online videos, free satellite tv shows (also available online), and more for a wide-range of topics.
TechBoomers The original website was built as an eLearning platform, aiming to provide eager learners and digital literacy teachers with free courses to help improve their lives with technology. This site provides well-written and up-to-date articles and tech tutorials. 
Test Prep Review This site offers practice tests for a wide variety of standardized tests, including GED and TOEFL. 
The African American Registry This site about African American history has a number of articles/essays and poems/lyrics on a variety of topics.  Search by category, keyword, date, your birthday, or what happened this date in African American history.
The Bill of Rights A copy of the The Bill of Rights.
The ESL Wonderland This site has online resources and interactive activities for ESL students.  The activities include listening, reading, and grammar activities.
The Franklin Institute The Franklin Institute is a science museum in Philadelphia.   Topics include: astronomy, science of sports, weather, and wellness.
The History Channel This site has lots of history materials available including speeches, timelines, and maps.  Search for a topic and then see if any videos are available.  Videos are free but do have a commercial. 
The Internet Picture Dictionary This site has simple clipart pictures of a variety of nouns in categories including: animals, appliances, body parts, clothing, colors, fruits, kitchen, numbers, school, tools, transportation, and vegetables.  There are online activities available which can be adjusted in difficulty.  Flashcards show the word when the picture is touched with the mouse.  Fill-in-the-blanks allows you to choose a category to leave blank- first letter, anywhere, vowels, and consonants.  In the Stinky Spelling you can choose 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 letter words.  In Straight Recall students type the words by topic or random lists. 
The Internet TESL Journal A monthly web journal which includes articles, research papers, handouts, online activities, lesson plans, and more.
The Math Worksheet This site is a pay site with free parts to it. Create a math worksheet on a selected topic within the set parameters.  Some of the parameters include:  number of problems, level of difficulty, and the inclusion of an answer key.  Topics include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, mixed problems, fractions, measurement, graphing, telling time, and one hundred chart.
The My Hero Project Read about heroes from a wide variety of categories- lifesavers, sports, women, peacemakers, etc.  Use these students' stories as a prompt for learners to write about their own hero. 
The Online Writing Lab at Purdue This site offers information and help in writing in all its phases.
The State of Minnesota Check out recent laws, learn how a bill becomes law, learn about the legislature, and learn about the state of Minnesota.  Knowledge for better state citizenship and government information for the GED.Each section can be used for individual lessons -ie-State of MN, goverment, legislature, bills
The Toungue Untied This site provides instruction in grammar, spelling and punctuation.  Good for students with strong literacy skills and as a reference for teachers.
Topics- An Online Magazien for Learners of English This site is an online magazine for English learners.  Some submissions are written by students.  The length of articles varies and some include photos.  There are also back issues available.  Students can also submit writing- click Teachers' Corner and scroll down to the yellow highlights.
Towson University's Online Writing Support This site has a large variety of grammar exercises, including parts of speech, sentence structure, punctuation, usage, and more.  Includes self-teaching units which allow students to read and practice online at their own pace.
Tutor/Volunteer Support Resources for volunteers and tutors- plans, links, book list, and much more.
TV411 - Tune in to Learn TV411, produced by the Adult Literacy Media Alliance, is a video series and interactive, online activities.  Topics include: reading, writing, vocabulary, math, and learning. 
United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Official US Citizenship and Immigrations Service website. 
University of Iowa - Phonetics The Iowa “Sounds of Speech” website contains animated libraries of the phonetic sounds of English and other languages. App versions for Android & iOS are also available under the name Sounds of Speech. On both the website and in the app, for each English consonant and vowel, you’ll find an animated articulatory diagram, a step-by-step description, and video-audio of the sound spoken in context. The animated side view of the mouth is particularly helpful for tongue placement and to see the difference between nasal and non-nasal sounds, e.g. /l/ and /n/.This site illustrates with audio, animation, and video how the many sounds of the English are spoken.  Students really like this site after a little orientation and practice.
US Citizenship and Immigration Services Official US government site for Citizenship and Immigration.  Click the Education and Resources tab on the top and look for the Resources for Adult Educators on the left. Also on left Civics and Citizenship Study Materials includes printable civics flashcards, lesson, citizen's almanac, and pocket Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Other tabs- services and benefits, immigration forms, laws and regulations, about USCIS, and press room.
USA Jobs Official job site for federal government jobs. Search federal government jobs by zip code or key words.  Also has option to Create Resume.