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Life in the White House This official government site includes information on the current president, vice president, first lady and vice president's wife, past presidents and first ladies, the White House (video tours, art, events and traditions, military), current issues and events, government updates, and a White House interactive page where people get answers to their email questions.  Use the links in the upper right hand corner to navigate major categories and then down the left for more specifics.  This site is fairly advanced, although the panoramic photo tour could be used by any level.
LINCS-Literacy Information and Communication System Official National Institute for Literacy site for online information and communications network for adult and family literacy.  Includes news, funding opportunities, teahcing and learning, events, jobs in literacy, and multimedia center. 
Linguistic Funland This site has links to a variety of webpages and topics.  Mostly seems to be teacher resource and has links to resources for sale.
Literacy Network: Tutoring Resources The Literacy Network is a Adult Education program in  Dane County Wisconsin. Their programs teach reading, writing and speaking skills to adults and families so they can achieve financial independence, good health and greater involvement in community life. All programs are free of charge. A number of different organizations on the west coast cooperated to form this site.  Learning Resources tab leads to newscast based literacy materials.  Adult Numeracy Network has materials for adult math. Literacyworks creates online resources for adult learners.  Links to a large number of other sites and resources.
Local Careers Search for jobs and post a resume.
Lyndsey's Mania This site has an online US geography quiz, both online and printable math practice for arithmetic, and a Buy It money game at easy, medium, and hard levels. 
Magic Keys Click Children's Storybooks Online and scroll down to Free Storybooks to Read.  A number of free online books at a variety of levels.  Designed for children but some may be good for adults.
ManyThings : Interesting Things for ESL Students Large number of interactive online activities- grammar, vocabulary, proverbs, slang/idioms, listening, spelling, etc.  Includes ''Easy things for beginners'' and ''Voice of America Special English Study'' based on the radio broadcasts for intermediate to advanced. This site has many activities related to learning the English language.  List of categories on left hand side includes: Easy things for beginners, vocabulary, grammar, proverbs, slang & idioms, hearing, reading, spelling, Voice of America materials, etc.  On the bottom of the homepage, there is a link to Interesting Things for ESL Teachers which includes lesson plans, handouts, suggestions for designing good web sites for ESL students, websites and more. 
Mary Nell's Home Page This website contains a number of easy to read grammar charts on a variety of topics including: verb tenses, infinitives and gerunds, agreement, adverb placement, logical connectors, adjective clauses, prepositions, non-count nouns, reported speech, passive voice, conditional, subjunctive, wish, and tell/say.  She has also included recipes.
Math Cats Math art, math crafts, math activities and riddles.  Designed for children, but some parts good for adults.
Math Fact Cafe Worksheets This site can help a student create study materials for learning simple math.
Math Help This site is a for-pay site with free samples.  Topics include: geometry, percents, graphs, pre-algebra, and more.  Lots of reading.
Math is fun worksheets Math worksheets to view online and print, with or without answers.  Topics include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, kindergarten, decimals, and decimal fractions.  You can also create your own worksheet.
Math Playground This site has word problems, math games, and logic puzzles in a variety of formats and levels.  Some of the K-1 word problems have pictures.  The Money word problems are thought provoking.  SAT Math Pro word problems have video lessons in a variety of categories.  Under Games there is a Fractions and Percent matching game and a Making Change game. This site has activities for a number of math levels and topics including: everyday math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and more. 
Microbes:Infection, Detection, and Protection Interactive site that focuses on how diseases spread and how to detect and protect themselves and their families.  Learners gain an understanding of microbiology. Gain background information for the GED Science Test.
Minimal pair lists Minimal pair word lists with printable illustrations.
Minneapolis Public Library The Minneapolis Public Library website has information on jobs and business, immigrant resources, technology classes, and the Museum Adventure Pass program.  Research tools, online application for library card, and catalog also available.
Minnesota ABE Minnesota Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a state-wide system that serves approximately 65,000 adults annually. Learn about the ABE system in Minnesota , look for Minnesota ABE policies , learn about services provided to the field of ABE by supplemental service providers ,find information about types of ABE instruction, including ESL and GED Prep. Find information and resources about Adult Diploma, Career Pathways or Distance Learning. Find contact info for staff at the Minnesota Department of Education who support the ABE system state-wide.
Minnesota CAREERwise Education CAREERwise Education is produced by the Workforce Development and Customized Training Unit of Minnesota State. Minnesota State assumed the CAREERwise Education website (formerly is a MN site for career, employment, education, and business development information.
Minnesota Literacy Council The home page for the Minnesota Literacy Council. Many resources can be found in the volunteer and educator sections.
Minnesota Public Radio This is the official Minnesota Public Radio site.  Listen to MPR News and Classical music.  Topics include: music, politics, arts & culture, business, science, and life. 
Minnesota Workforce Centers Official MN Workforce Centers site provides office locations, MN Job Bank, business services,job seeker srvices, and labor market info.