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Black History and Culture Discover thousands of artworks, artifacts and stories from cultural organizations across the United States.
Breaking News English Lessons This site offers lessons and lesson plans based on current world events.  New lessons are added every few days, and the archive is extensive.
British Council - Learn English There is a link on the left for adult learners which goes to Learn English Central.  It appears to be updated every 3 weeks with various stories, themes, listening practice, and word games.  Click the link LearnEnglish Central and get more, including archives.
CareerOneStop Official US Department of Labor site.  Has links to explore careers, salary, benefits, education, training, job search, resumes and interviews, and more.
Chemical This site has an online, interactive periodic table of elements. This site has an online quiz about the constitution.  Also, info on Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Founding Fathers, and the Supreme Court. 
Count the money Online money problems in 3 categories: how much money, pay exact amount, and make a dollar
CyberBee This site is made in collaboration with the Library of Congress and helps find and present good curriculum on the internet.  It has tutorials on technology for teachers, curriculum ideas, articles, research tools, internet treasure hunts, and more. 
Daily Grammar Lessons Daily Grammar emails free grammar lessons to those who sign up.  Monday to Friday are email lessons and Saturday is a quiz.  Click on the Lesson Archive and access the complete list. 
Dave's ESL Cafe This site has stuff of students, stuff for teachers, jobs, and more.  Student topics include: idioms, phrasal verbs, pronunciation, slang, and more.  Good for ESL teachers of all levels and for intermediate to advanced students. This site has tests and lessons for a variety of grammar topics.  Despite the title, this is definitely advanced level.
Ed Tech Center EdTech Center resources include publications, webinars, articles, and other formats that explore topics related to all aspects of using technology with adult learners..
EFL Club This site includes quizzes, songs, stories, and games for ELL level 1-6.  Levels each have a fruit icon which identifies difficulty of activities, ie. ELL1 is a strawberry, ELL2 is an orange, etc. This site is a for-pay subscription site with free sample worksheets and online exercises.  Worksheet topics include: games, grammar, pronunciation, vocab, and more.  Online exercises include grammar and vocabulary.  Focuses on reasoning skills and higher level thinking.
EfolioMN : myeFolio myeFolio is a stand-alone, object oriented online portfolio management system.  It empowers students, educators, and career seekers to organize, manage, and display their academic and career information in an electronic portfolio.  
EL Civics Great site for English Learners on a large variety of topics including: famous Americans, holidays, life skills, and more.  Includes printable worksheets and great online photos with simple sentences.
Englisch Lernen Online This is a German site which teaches English as a Foreign Language.  Topics include: grammar, vocabulary, public speaking (talks), worksheets, writing, games, and more.  Worth a look since it's written by people who learned English as their second language.
English at home This site has a variety of topics: grammar, speaking, vocabulary, idioms, reading, real life English, listening/podcasts, forums, tests, quizzes, and a newsletter.  Speaking tips, vocabulary, idioms, and more are explained in essays with helpful tips, definitions, and examples.
English Club - Learn English This free site is designed to help students learn English.  Interactive activities include games, quizzes, help, and more.
English For Everybody This site has free English language courses for beginners, elementary, intermediate, and advanced students.  It also has English pronunciation course, courses for special purposes- business and computers, TOEFL practice, and games. 
English Grammar Online This German site has a number of cultural, grammar, and business English activities.  Lots of business writing topics including a business letter generator.
English Grammar Secrets This site is designed for the adult learner who wants a comprehensive set of lessons on English verbs.  Explanations followed by interactive exercises. 
English Language Space Station Site for teachers and learners.  Topics include: jobs, babies and families, videos, health and doctors,  money and banks, travel,  describing things,  education, and crime and the police.  Computer lessons for ESL classes including:  computer vocab, shopping on the net, researching on the net, and more.
English Learner This site has interactive tests and exercises for grammar, vocabulary, and reading.    On the left hand side click Learn English grammar and vocabulary to get to the main list. 
English lessons free iBT This site has a variety of activities for advanced ESL learners- build a story, humor, tricky pronunciation, TOEFL practice, idioms, interactive dictation, and more.