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It's that time of the (VISTA) year and some of us are feeling the cruch to find a job by the end of our service a little more than two months! Not to worry, though. In this VISTA Living Blog, you have a wide array of resources, opportunities, tips and tools to help you move forward in your job search. Now, onward!
We know that all 52 of our VISTA members are doing important work in their host organizations and in their communities. We believe that the full impact of their capacity-building service is probably not yet apparent and is often difficult to quantify. That said, midway through the year there are already some impressive statistics and stories that we can share and celebrate!
Whether your plans include going back to school, looking to land a job, exploring different fields, or having an existential are some ideas for finding information, resources, and networking opportunities. Feel free to share any ideas or resources you might have in the comment box!
Impatient to get out of the house after this never-ending Minnesota winter? Celebrate the warmer weather and sunnier skies with these VISTA budget-friendly events scheduled for this weekend and the next.
Read about the progress of the 2012-13 VISTA projects from the beginning of the VISTA program year in August through the end of March.
Alyssa Mitchell with students at Emerge
Learn more about VISTA members Alyssa Mitchell, who serves in Minneapolis, and Amy Johnson, who serves in Faribault.
Ryan Gosling, copyright the internet
As we prepare to enter our ninth month of national service, are you finding yourself low on energy or motivation? Check out these activities and resources for managing stress, preventing burnout, and jumpstarting your energy!
Dr. Stephen Pimpare
This upcoming Wednesday, March 20th, participate in a free 90-minute VISTA Campus webinar entitled "Alternative Lenses: Poverty Beyond the Official Measures" from 1-2:30 pm central time.
HandsOn Twin Cities Volunteering Infographic
Minneapolis and St. Paul rank as the number one most civically engaged metro area in the United States. Not only does this ethic of service better our schools, families, and shared also might improve our individual cardiovascular health, according to a new study. Read on to learn more!
Lead and learn
Have you considered using your professional development funds to attend a training, panel, or workshop related to your service project? Check out this highlight of events to see what's happening around the state!



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