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The MN Literacy Council VISTA Team invites the 2013-2014 VISTA cohort to our Second Annual Halloween Party!


When: Wednesday October 30th, 2013 6:00 – 9:00pm

Where: MN Literacy Council, 700 Raymond Ave Suite 180, Saint Paul, MN 55114

What: For Halloween tunes, treats, costumes, and watching Hocus Pocus (the greatest movie of all time)

Why: For Halloween. And for America.


Meet Zac Kamm! MN Literacy Council VISTA serving at the Rondo Community Outreach Library in Saint Paul.

Youth Development Brown Bag Webinar Series

Sponsored by University of Minnesota Extension Center for Youth Development and North Dakota State University Center for 4-H Youth Development

A huge and happy welcome to our 2013-2014 MN Literacy Council VISTA members! Can you believe that almost ONE month (that's 1/12th) of service has gone by? You are all doing such amazing work across the state - building programming capacity in school and college readiness, out-of-school learning, tutoring, and adult education. Check out the roster to learn about and connect with our VISTAs!

Here's to a fantastic year of service!

As you wrap up and reflect upon your service year, it is important to move forward with more than feelings of nostalgia and AmeriCorps pride. Whether you are continuing your service, heading to school or entering the work force it’s a good idea to create a tangible resource that identifies and celebrates your growth and experiences from the past year. A great way to do this is through a professional portfolio!
We take the Fourth of July pretty seriously here in Minnesota so there will be no shortage of live music, great food and local fact, the festivities begin tonight!
Learn more about Bernadette Muloski, who serves with Austin Adult Learning in Austin, Minnesota and Tori Perkins, who serves with East Side Learning Center in East St. Paul!
The end of the service year is an important time for thinking ahead--planning transitions, ensuring sustainability, wrapping up projects--but it's also a powerful time for reflection. As you focus on final tasks and deadline details, set aside some time to think about the motivation, creativity, values and goals you have brought to your service year...and how you will sustain these things as you move forward.
There are lots of FREE (read: VISTA budget-friendly!) events and festivities going on this weekend...and the weekend starts early, with a number of events kicking off tonight!
Learn more about VISTA members Kara Bennett (serving with VolunteerMPS) and Amanda Knopf (serving at Hallie Q. Brown Community Center)!



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