Tutor Tips

Thumbs up, thumbs down
Encourage advanced-level ESL and GED students to use transition phrases in conversation. This activity will help students use more academic language in speaking and in writing.
Red book
Explore and discover the “rules” of sentence formation.
Do you ever feel like a student is losing ground rather than progressing? This video will help you understand why mastery of a grammar rule doesn’t happen all at once and why it’s important to be patient with ourselves and our learners.
Thousands of students who are taking English or citizenship classes are, or will be, eligible to vote in the upcoming election.
Assist a student who is having difficulty pronouncing a particular word or phrase.
When students make errors it is a best practice to help them correct their own errors rather than give them the answers.
This activity can be used at all levels to review vocabulary.
Relay race
This is a warm-up activity that can be adapted for all levels and used to review any situational dialogue or grammar point previously covered in class.
Use listening, speaking, and reading in working with a written text.
Sticky notes
Help students create and interpret a simple bar graph.



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