Talking About Independence Day

Purpose:  To give learners cultural and historical information about the July 4th holiday.  In addition, fireworks can be frightening for people who’ve fled war or other violent situations in their homelands.  Understanding what fireworks are and what the holiday is about may help reduce stress or anxiety.  

Prep time: 15-20 minutes

Purpose:   to give learners practice working with a graph, a tool commonly used to show trends, or ups and downs, over a period of time in a visual way

Prep time:  15 minutes

Materials:  copies of the handout, pens or pencils

Prep:  Before students are presented with a graph, plan to ask a series of questions that will create context for the activity.  Think about vocabulary you’ll need to pre-teach as well. 

Purpose:   to use real-life or authentic materials to help students learn new words; to show students how many words they already can read; to use visual clues to support comprehension; to practice prediction

Prep time: 10-15 minutes

Materials:  variety of cracker, cookie, and cereal boxes, copies of the handout; dictionaries

Purpose: a writing activity for intermediate and advanced level students to practice descriptions

Preparation Time:  none, unless you need to collect the postcards first

Materials:  pens, paper and picture postcards

Purpose: To help low beginning learners with vocabulary building, reading and spelling

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials:  a picture from class text or other picture related to theme learners are working on; look for a picture that is clear and fairly simple

Preparation: make copies of the picture, one for each learner, or work with an overhead transparency

Sorting is a great activity for reviewing and practicing sight words.
This listening activity encourages students to make predictions and helps to review vocabulary.
Give students practice quickly responding to personal information questions in writing; also reviews colors and pen/pencil vocabulary.
This lesson give learners cultural and historical information about the Thanksgiving holiday. This is also an opportunity to talk about Native Americans and how their lives were changed by the arrival of the first Europeans.



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