Size of group: 3-5
Appropriate grade level: 2-3
Skill practiced: Spelling, vocabulary, and rhyming
Materials: Set of Scrabble or Bananagrams tiles
Category: lesson plan/activity idea

Set up a word ending template, such as “and” or “ing”. Then give each student a set of consonants and have them try to make words by placing their consonants in front of the endings. Encourage them to use more than one letter at a time, such as “sh” or “str”.

Size of group: 3-4
Appropriate grade level: K-3
Skill practiced: Sight word recognition, Alphabet/letter recognition, rhyming, and more, depending on what you want to focus on
Materials: Sight word flash cards, Alphabet flash cards, or a set of prepared questions.
Category: lesson plan/activity idea


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