MLC VISTA Trainings

Read more for notes compiled from the Literacy Council's VISTA In-Service Training on Friday, February 28th on "Designing Effective Trainings."
A week has already passed since Early Service Training and we’re finally getting around to posting some presenter resources.
We’ve posted the handouts, worksheets, and signs from the StrengthsFinder session with Ann Betz here.

At Early Service Training, we talked about what we each bring to the table… And what a wealth of experience and knowledge our VISTAs have to offer! VISTA Jen Kouame used her wonderful organizational and Excel skill to create a Strengths and Talents spreadsheet!  Find out what languages members speak, what skills they possess, and what hobbies they enjoy.  Need someone who speaks Spanish?  Looking for someone good at facilitating? Look no further than your fellow VISTAs!

Thank you to Ann Betz for finding all these proverbs and sending them to us!


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