GED Testing Service announces score changes to the GED

Last month, GED Testing Service made significant changes to the GED that will affect many adult learners statewide. The changes include:

  • A lowered required passing score for all GED test subjects, from 150 to 145
  • The addition of two new optional performance levels above high school equivalency to signify college readiness
  • Diplomas granted retroactively for GED students who scored 145 or above since January 2014
  • No cost to students the first time they take any portion of the GED test (only re-takes have a fee)

What do these changes mean for our students? More have now passed additional portions of the four-subject test. And four Open Door students – three from Northside and one from Lake Street – have been granted GEDs retroactively!

Lindsey Cermak, GED Coordinator at Open Door Learning Center-Northside, says the impact on her three students is huge: “These individuals are now forever on a very different path. I know these three personally, and I cannot convey enough how much this break will change their lives.”

For more information, including the rationale behind the changes, visit or read the press release.