We explained the word “route” and had the students list all of the cities they traveled to before finally arriving in Minnesota. No student had journeyed through less than three cities prior to reaching Minneapolis. Faizah had gone to nine.
Would adult educators and volunteers be interested in a social networking site created specifically for them? A kind of Facebook for people interested in adult literacy?
Today my students seemed to have a case of spring fever. The staff teacher in my classroom had to ask students repeatedly to put their pencils down while she was talking. She firmly explained that when the teacher is talking, it is time to listen.
Geography was woven into the grid activity again this week. We talked about caves, a new vocabulary word for all of the students.
Today’s topic was traveling. The questions alternated between "have you" and "would you like to".
On Saturday, April 18th, the Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) presents Citizenship Day 2009!
The questions invoked their opinion of Minnesota - comparing and contrasting it to their home countries.
Saint Paul is dealing with a major budget deficit which is now threatening the MLC Learning Center – Rondo Library. A proposal would close the Rondo Library at 7:30 p.m. each evening, making it next to impossible for the coordinator and her fabulous team of volunteers to provide much-needed ESL classes to Midway residents. Will you join me in voicing your concern about these cuts to local officials?
Today Aziza was very hung up on the difference between “no” and “know,” as she was trying to hear the difference in pronunciation. After assuring her that there wasn’t any, she looked at me and asked why we would have a different word sound exactly the same. I had no answer for her.
What exactly is "Blog Guilt" and do I have it? Does "Blog Guilt" show up in all those meaningless blog posts that people make about why they aren't blogging? Is it when I don't blog because I don't know if blogging falls under the grant that I work under? Am I misappropriating tax dollars if I'm blogging on work time--and is worrying about that question a sign of Blog Guilt?



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