Volunteer with Adults


Adults across the state are in need of help to learn English and gain basic literacy, math or computer skills that will enable them to succeed as workers, parents, and community citizens. 

But the results of their efforts don't stop there. When adults reach their educational goals, their families and communities grow stronger. Help build strong families and communities by becoming an adult literacy volunteer.

Please join us!


Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

We're here to help match you with a fun, rewarding volunteer opportunity that is a good fit for your strengths and interests.  If you have questions along the way, please contact Wendy Roberts: wroberts@mnliteracy.org or 651-251-9063.


1. To Begin
There are many ways to get involved with Adult Literacy!

  • Our Overview of Volunteer Positions will tell you about the different types of opportunities.
  • Next, check the Basic Qualifications for information about qualifications, expectations and time commitment.
  • Complete a Volunteer Interest Form to help us match you with a fun, rewarding volunteer opportunity. Once we receive your form, we will contact you with next steps. 
  • We invite you to a New Volunteer Information Session to learn more about what it's like to volunteer.  This session is 1.25 hours, and covers an overview of the volunteer opportunities, training options, and how to begin volunteering with Adult Literacy.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions for answers to a variety of questions about volunteering and training.

2. Attend Training
Training is fun, hands-on, and will prepare you to be an effective, confident teacher or tutor! Training is required at many sites.

3. Find a Location in Our Network
Choose a program that fits your interests, skills, location and schedule.  Through our Volunteer Literacy Program Network, we have partnerships with 65+ learning centers across the state.

4. Site Orientation
Once you've contacted a program and filled out the volunteer application, meet on-site with the volunteer coordinator to learn about the program.  Each site's orientation process is different, but most include observing a class, a volunteer interview, meeting students, staff and other volunteers, and learning about their curricula.

5. Begin Volunteering
We provide useful resources to help you in your work, including a variety of free in-service workshops and conferences, weekly tutor tips and a monthly tutor e-newsletter.

Beyond: Continue Learning
Take advantage of the free, frequent Tutor In-Service Workshops on a variety of topics.

Free benefits for volunteers age 55 and over

Minnesota Literacy Council is a partner of the RSVP Volunteer Program. To support your work with us, RSVP offers many benefits including free supplemental insurance, travel reimbursement, annual recognition events and more. All volunteers age 55+ are eligible to join this free program. Read more.

Questions?  Contact Wendy Roberts at wroberts@mnliteracy.org or 651-251-9063.