Progress Reporting

Progress reports

Formal progress reports for each Literacy Leader VISTA project are due quarterly through an online form. VISTA supervisors should complete these reports with help from the VISTA member. Once the reports are submitted to the Minnesota Literacy Council, we send them to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

The quarterly progress reports should tell the story of your VISTA project's impact, and in turn will help us tell the story of the impact of our Minnesota Literacy Council VISTA program and of AmeriCorps VISTA in general. The style and tone of a quarterly progress report should be similar to that of a grant report.

What's on the quarterly progress report? 

All data and stories on your quarterly reports should be cumulative - that is, covering the entire time period starting with your VISTA's first day of service through the end of the reporting period. More details with specific questions can be found here.

  1. Data reporting. You will be asked to report on data related to numbers of individuals served, numbers of volunteers, and the amount of donations raised. 
  2. Narratives. You will be asked to tell the story of your successes and challenges.
  3. Site-specific goal progress. Each VISTA project has set specific performance measure targets, reflected in the VAD (VISTA Assignment Description), and you will need to report on those measures.
  4. VISTA Days Off. You will need to report on the dates of absence for sick days, personal days, and emergency leave days the VISTA member used during the reporting period.

When are the quarterly progress reports due?

All sites are required to submit a progress report every quarter that their VISTA is in service. Deadlines are not tied to VISTAs' service term dates. For dates that fall on a federal holiday or weekend, please use the closest business day prior to the date listed as the deadline. Follow the links on each date for the progress report form for that quarter.

·        October  15 (reporting period: beginning of service through 9/30)

·        January 15 (reporting period: beginning of service through 12/31)

·        April 15 (reporting period: beginning of service through 3/31)

·        August 1 * (reporting period: beginning of service through 8/1 or VISTA's last day of service)*

*For projects that start/end in July/August/September, this will be your final year-end report, due by August 1 or your VISTA's last day of service, whichever comes later. For projects that start/end in October or later, this will be a regular quarterly progress report and then the final report will be due on the VISTA’s last day of service.

Organizational Assessment

In addition to the quarterly and year-end progress reports, each year VISTA projects (supervisors) must complete an online Organizational Assessment, beginning with just before your VISTA project begins its first year. This evaluation tool is a self-assessment of your organization or program's capacity at that time in the areas that your VISTA project addresses (e.g., volunteer recruitment and training, program evaluation, developing program content, etc.). Over the course of the project, it measures the progress of your VISTA project in addressing your agency's capacity-building needs in the areas you identify as a primary focus of the project. Organizational Assessments are due online here by July 20 each year.

If you have any questions about reporting, please do not hesitate to contact the Minnesota Literacy Council VISTA staff.