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Purpose:  to practice responding to verbal questions, and explaining rationale for responses

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  Set of yes/no questions, true/false questions, or agree/disagree statements


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Purpose:  to give learners practice comparing and contrasting a wide variety of responses to a question or prompt

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  Analyze Responses Grids


Purpose:  To give learners practice asking and answering questions

Preparation Time:  10 minutes

Preparation: Find a reading passage at students' level

Materials Needed:  Copies of a short read passage at students' level  


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All over the country, there is talk of the increasing number of ICE raids over the past few years. When someone is arrested by ICE, it may lead to their removal from the U.S., or it may not. This uncertainty leads to fear in immigrant communities, and it is extremely important that people who may be subject to detention and removal are familiar with their rights. 

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Purpose:  to help learners develop their speaking fluency on a variety of topics in a low pressure environment

Preparation Time:  none

Materials Needed:  index cards


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Purpose:  to help learners improve their listening and recollection skills, as well as practice responding to questions.

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  mini-whiteboards, markers, erasers


  1. Generate a list of 2-5 questions that tie into the current group theme.

Example 1:

(Low beginning level group, theme of family)

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Wherever you get your news, you will hear talk about immigrants and refugees coming to the U.S. With all of the rhetoric flying around, it can be difficult to determine the actual impact that immigrants and refugees have on local communities.

These three websites dispel common myths around immigration and refugees, and provide valuable links for further reading on the topic.


Immigration Myths and Facts

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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A noisy classroom can be a great thing. It indicates that learners are engaged in the lesson and practicing their language skills. But how do you get the class back together at the end of an activity? Trying to yell over the class can sound harsh, and strain your vocal cords if you have a particularly talkative group! Here are suggestions for attention-getting methods that you can use in a loud classroom without losing your voice or your patience.


Silent Hand Raise

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Teacher, we don’t want to play games! We want to learn English!


Sometimes it can be difficult for adult learners to see the value of games in the English classroom. It is common for people to have culturally influenced ideas around what learning in a classroom looks like, and adults can be frustrated when they are asked to participate in activities that don’t appear to support their educational goals. This is completely understandable! Adult learners have busy lives and want their time in class to be as productive as possible.


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Purpose:  to practice speaking and writing prepositions of place

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  two lists of items in the classroom (3-5 objects on each)




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