Beginning ESL - Transitions skills

Beginning ESL Curriculum

This Beginning ESL (levels 2-3) curriculum was created with a grant from the Saint Paul Community Literacy Consortium to implement Bridge Prep components into curricula. To prepare learners to transition to jobs and post-secondary, this curriculum incorporates Transitions skills such as critical thinking and effective communication into every life skill unit. This curriculum aligns with CASAS themes and skills and is geared toward learners at the 2-3 level. We encourage you to use or adapt these units for your classroom! 

If you are interested in purchasing the ESL Volunteer Tutor Manual that is referenced in the curriculum, follow this link


  • Beginning ESL Stories (included in lessons below)
  • Stand Out Basic: Standards-Based English, Second Edition
  • Stand Out 1: Standards-Based English, Second Edition
  • Basic Grammar in Action-Text: An Integrated Course in English
  • Survival English: English through Conversations, Book 1, Second Edition
  • Minnesota Literacy Council Volunteer Tutor Training Manual 2012 the the MLC Volunteer Training Manual

Downloadable PDF Units:

Beginning ESL Community Unit: Week 1 of 3

Beginning ESL Community Unit: Week 2 of 3

Beginning ESL Community Unit: Week 3 of 3

Beginning ESL Daily Activities Unit: Week 1 of 1

Beginning ESL Family Unit: Week 1 of 1

Beginning ESL Food Unit: Week 1 of 2

Beginning ESL Food Unit: Week 2 of 2

Beginning ESL Health Unit: Week 1 of 2

Beginning ESL Health Unit: Week 2 of 2

Beginning ESL Housing Unit: Week 1 of 2

Beginning ESL Housing Unit: Week 2 of 2

Beginning ESL Looking for Work Unit: Week 1 of 2

Beginning ESL Looking for Work Unit: Week 2 of 2

Beginning ESL Money Unit: Week 1 of 2

Beginning ESL Money Unit: Week 2 of 2

Beginning ESL On the Job Unit: Week 1 of 1

Beginning ESL Talking on the Phone Unit: Week 1 of 1

Beginning ESL Poetry Unit: Week 1 of 1

Beginning ESL Registering for School Unit: Week 1 of 1

Beginning ESL School Unit: Week 1 of 1

Beginning ESL Shopping Unit: Week 1 of 2

Beginning ESL Shopping Unit: Week 2 of 2

Beginning ESL Signs Unit: Week 1 of 1

Beginning ESL Transportation Unit: Week 1 of 2

Beginning ESL Transportation Unit: Week 2 of 2