¡Aprenda cómo la práctica de la lectura en español puede beneficiar la educación en Inglés de su hijo! ¡Actividades incluidas para hacer en casa!
Learn how the practice of reading in Spanish can benefit your child's English education! Simple at home activities included.

Title: Ten Go-To Games for Tutors

Size of group: 1-10
Appropriate grade level: Pre-K-5
Category: activity/lesson plan ideas and tutor tips

Some tried and true ways to make your learning time fun, engaging and educational! 

Title: Alphabet Jump Rope
Size of group: 3-10
Appropriate grade level: PK-1
Skill practiced: Alphabet/Letter recognition and Sounds
Materials: A jump rope
Category: Lesson plan/activity idea

1. Assign two students to spinning the rope (older students)

2. One student will jump over the rope while the other students spin the rope.


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