Purpose: To help students build fluency in recognizing mathematical equivalencies

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Materials needed: blank flashcards


1.  Create pairs of flash cards that represent equivalencies at the math level your students are working at.

For example:

2 + 2                    4

100/4                  25

2(7 + 3 - 4)         12

pile of coins

Purpose:  A fun and energetic game to practice counting coin amounts

Preparation Time:  10 minutes

Materials Needed:  sets of index cards with the words More, Less, and Same written on them (one word per card), a list of coin amounts


cards with numbers 1 through 12

Thanks to Megan Hallstrom for this activity idea!

Purpose:  To practice verbally reviewing numbers

Preparation Time:  5 minutes

Materials Needed:  cards with numbers written on them


red dice

Purpose:  An engaging and high energy way to have learners practice writing numbers in English

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  Dice, pencils, blank paper


stick figures representing lines in a bar graph

Purpose: to make graph reading a concrete activity

Prep Time: 2-5 minutes

Materials: a long white board with space in front of it for students to line up, or a set of signs for the bar graph categories

Prep:  Choose two to five bar graph categories, depending on the number and level of students in class and either write them out across the board or make a sign for each and tape them up in a space where students will be able to stand in front of them.


Picture of numbers 1 through 10

Purpose: Building numeracy skills and practicing the spelling of numbers while reading information from a table

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Materials needed: whiteboard, several pieces of paper


1. Prepare a poll question.  Choose something related to a class theme or an issue currently being discussed in class.  The question should yield a division of the students.  Example: “Do you like        winter?”

This math game idea comes from Sheri Lear at Open Door Learning Center!

Purpose:  To practice addition skills. To build mathematical fluency.

Preparation time:  10 minutes to gather materials

Materials: 6- 8- 10- or 12-sided dice. Scoring sheet.


·         Put students into groups of 4-6


Thank you to Open Door Learning Center for sharing this Tutor Tip!

Purpose:  In this warm up activity students make predictions and collect and graph data while becoming familiar with fahrenheit temperature, a calendar, line graphs and appropriate dress for the temperature.  

Preparation time:  20 minutes to gather materials

index card

Thank you to the offender tutors at Minnesota Correctional Facility- St. Cloud for recommending this activity.

Purpose: To get students playing with numbers. To get students to review their multiplication facts.

Prep Time: None

Materials: Index card for each person


Putting Together a Calendar

Thanks to Sheri Lear at Open Door Learning Center -- Lake Street for sharing this tip!

Purpose:  Calendars are replete with opportunities to reinforce numeracy concepts.  This activity addresses many of those concepts, while also giving students the responsibility of setting attendance goals and monitoring their own attendance.       

Prep:  20 minutes



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