While public schools are out for the summer, many of the adult literacy programs are still open! Volunteers are needed at several locations around Minnesota, especially since many regular volunteers are out of town for summer vacations. Summer is a great time to get involved in the community, so if you have been thinking about volunteering, now is a great time to start!

Here’s how to get involved:

The Minnesota Literacy Council training room has a SMARTBoard in it. The training team went through training and orientation about how to use it many months ago. Unfortunately, I rarely use it as anything but a projector. I decided it was time to change that and I found inspiration by searching for #smartboard on Twitter. That search led me to a blog called Teachers Love SMARTBoards with an entire list of comments by educators about how wonderful the SMARTBoard is.  (A guest post by Burgen Young)

A 50-minute Advanced ESL lesson integrating technology... planned in 15 minutes. Why did it work?
The Flipped Classroom
Do you wish for more class time for practice but need to use that time to explain content instead? Then flipping the classroom may for you. In a traditional class the teacher lectures during class and students do application exercises for homework.
How many of us have heard our students say that they don't know what to write about or have no ideas? A powerful picture speaks volumes. Using PicLits, those stalled writers may find some inspiration!
In my Technology Mentoring work, I have the great pleasure to work with ABE/ESL teachers around the state who are committed to making technology a part of their classrooms. One of my current projects is working with Jan Olsen Stone's beginning ESL class at the MORE school in St. Paul. This week I worked with Jan to plan the next big step for the students - taking their own photos using digital cameras.
On the challenge of learning a foreign language.
Elaine Zimmer
When I retired 11 years ago, I knew that I wanted to tutor as a volunteer. I’m a teacher at heart, love social interaction and have always enjoyed learning and sharing knowledge.
A recent article about the proposed "English-only" ordinance in Lino Lakes by Ruben Rosario.
Curt Cameron reflects on two and a half years of volunteering at the Hubbs Center.



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