community building

Attendees of my Social Media presentation at the Volunteer Management Conference (VMC) last November had the pleasure of helping me build – live! – a social networking site for ABE volunteers. It's the first step towards launching a new resource for Minnesota’s incredible volunteer tutors and teachers.
Yesterday I made a quick stop at Holy Land on my way home from work for some groceries. While in the checkout line, I realized that a learner that had previously been in my class was checking out in front of me. It was wonderful to see a familiar face from class in the rhythm of my everyday life.
Stop sign with frost
I asked the students what they thought of the snow and most gave me a scornful look. But I was happy to see that falling snow and blustery weather wouldn't stop my stalwart students.
New Routes to Community Health is a program / project based in Wisconsin that is using immigrant-created media (video, podcasts, radio programs, etc.) to educate immigrant communities about health-related issues. Media projects include videos and audio programs that discuss issues as diverse as H1N1 flu, sexually transmitted diseases, childhood obesity, and mental illness & depression. All media projects can be accessed on their website at
Could we use Web 2.0 tools to say "thank you" and "great job!" even though we're not face-to-face? Could this help build community among colleagues who work at a growing number of sites throughout the state?


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