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If learners memorize the 100 questions by rote, they can become flustered if the interviewer varies the wording of the questions. This activity is a review technique for learners who have taken a citizenship class. Summarizing the information about the topics that are covered in the questions helps the learners to cement their knowledge of the background information and to build confidence.


Materials Needed: none


close up of the American flag

Purpose:  This activity is good for reviewing the 100 questions by identifying the key words. It builds learners’ confidence as they realize that they do not need to hear all of the words in the question to recognize it (remind learner/s that during the real test, they are allowed to ask for clarification if they do not understand a question) and also helps to develop their listening skills.

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  100 Civics Questions flashcards


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All over the country, there is talk of the increasing number of ICE raids over the past few years. When someone is arrested by ICE, it may lead to their removal from the U.S., or it may not. This uncertainty leads to fear in immigrant communities, and it is extremely important that people who may be subject to detention and removal are familiar with their rights. 

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Five classroom lessons for adult English language learners, adult basic education, and citizenship classes that are based on stories for students to read, using a ‘real-life’ approach to learning. Follow Hawa, Fatima, Carlos, William, Nhong, Mai and Tran as they register to vote, learn about the candidates and issues, make choices, and finally cast their vote in the 2018 election.


The new self-study resources are under development as part of the Learner Web project. Once that project is complete, the goal is to have LW released as open-source learning management software, focused on delivering self-access, self-paced learner-directed resources rather than semester-based, instructor-led online courses.
Tips and tricks for teachers and students who want to use YouTube videos as learning resources, while we wait for our schools' policies to catch up to 21st century realities.


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