beginning and intermediate ESL

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Purpose: to help students build their reading fluency through oral practice.

Prep Time: 5-10 minutes

Materials: a reading text at the students' reading level

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This week we're sharing this fun tip from our archives:

Purpose: to practice vocabulary or grammar using a model sentence Prep Time: five minutes Materials:a ball or small stuffed animal Prep: Obtain a ball or stuffed animal for students to toss. Choose the model sentence(s) that the students will say during the activiy. Procedure:

Help learners practice correct word order and build new sentences.
Students practice "there is" and "there are" and prepositional phrases.
A variation on a traditional teaching method, this version gets learners up and moving around and gives them a larger role in the learning process.
Help students practice spelling words that are typically challenging for them.
This is a quick activity which can be used as a warm-up or as a quick break between two other longer activities. It’s a good way to practice spelling, but also pronunciation, since students need to emphasize and listen for the final sound of each word, except of course, in cases where the final letter or letters are silent!
A fun way to practice the question form, when all the answers are numbers.



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