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Getting it into Learners’ Hands (and Ears!)


Now that you have had a chance to test some different tools and create some audio files, here are some ways to share them.

Your service’s channel:  Using a service like Chirbit or iPadio makes it simple – just use the channel associated with your username.

YouTube: is the world’s #1 service for video sharing – but sadly many school districts block it.

Tools for Audio Projects Part 2, Audacity logo
Audacity is a free, full-featured audio recording software program for Windows or Mac.  You can download and install it from Using Audacity allows you to make longer recordings and edit your recordings as much as you like.  Once you have created your audio files, to distribute them to learners you would need to upload them to a web-based service like Chirbit or iPadio.
Another FAQ from the tech trainer file: "How can I record audio projects for my students to listen to?"


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