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Columbus Day
Written by Phat Le, Waite Park

Today we celebrate the date that Christopher Columbus and his crew set foot on the island of San Salvador in October, 1492 as the first traveler in the Americas. Christopher didn’t go to school to get education, but he has a lot of tutors in the navigation area who were proficient sailors. In the same way, Christopher Columbus’ tutors prepared him for his journey to the new world, Mr. Paul is preparing me for my life in the new country.

Recently I was contacted by an adult literacy educator who got the exciting news that her classroom will be provided with a set of iPads for learners to use. That's exciting news, but immediately questions arise, like "OK, what can I do with these things to enhance literacy instruction? What apps are helpful in adult and family literacy classes?" What you see below is my response to this question. Read on!
On the challenge of learning a foreign language.
On why he volunteers.
An ESL volunteer innovates in order to better instruct her students.
Part way through the class, Nikki asked the students to pair up with someone who spoke a different first language.
Flock of birds
Thanks to the brilliant technology of Google Alerts (which automatically sifts the web for any new content that matches your search terms and sends you a compilation of that material), I've now discovered two more adult literacy technology bloggers to read and share! I knew there had to be more birds in this flock out there somewhere.
Typing on a laptop
Computer literacy is crucial in today's world. Whether you're developing a basic computer skills class or looking for tutoring tips, our Web site offers an array of information to support you as you plan activities tailored to the needs of your learners.
Clearly the skills our students are aquiring go far beyond the classroom. It was a good reminder of why I volunteer and the impact adult basic education has on the lives of the learners.


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