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If you are planning on attending the ABE Support Services Conference this week  and are looking for tech related sessions, fear not, there are three great ones to choose from.  Susan Wentenkamp-Brandt will present on Google Forms, Jenny Shlukebier will share tips and tricks for getting your SiD Reports into Excel and GED Testing Services staff will review whats new including GED Live. All these session will take place on Friday December 1st.

Volunteers and those interested in literacy are invited to watch the documentary How Do You Spell Murder? This film explores the powerful connection between illiteracy and crime.
The most recent Lake Street Center GED graduate, Chelsey Hicks, shared some observations with us now that she has completed her GED classes and all of her tests.
Well-versed in the exquisite cyber arts? Enough to be dangerous? Help your neighbors improve their digital kung-fu by becoming a community technology tutor.
A CLUES volunteer shares the experience.
A literacy volunteer discusses a breakthrough in her class.
Part way through the class, Nikki asked the students to pair up with someone who spoke a different first language.
Your most important tool is your desire to engage, to learn for yourself and help others learn.
Elaine Zimmer
When I retired 11 years ago, I knew that I wanted to tutor as a volunteer. I’m a teacher at heart, love social interaction and have always enjoyed learning and sharing knowledge.
A Neighborhood House ESL instructor tells about a class activity on urban navigation.



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