Navigation Program Start-Up Handbook

Woman counseling young man

Navigators are a mix of mentor, coach, cheerleader and guidance counselor. Navigators help students one-on-one in a variety of ways, from helping them increase their confidence and persistence in school, to assisting them in identifying and attaining their goals.

Interested in having volunteer Navigators at your site but don’t know where to begin? Download the free Navigation Program Start-Up Handbook to learn how Navigators can improve your program, what a Navigator trained by the Minnesota Literacy Council actually does, how to implement best practices and how to recruit Navigators to your site. 

Handbook topics: 

  • Why Navigation?
  • What Navigators Do
  • Traits of a Good Navigator
  • Navigator Training Agenda
  • Expectations, Boundaries and Logistics
  • How to Choose Students for Navigation
  • Explaining Navigation to Students
  • Setting up Google Drive for Note-Taking
  • Recording Time in SID
  • Volunteer Navigator Recruitment Strategies
  • Volunteer Navigator Position Description

Download handbook.