Journeys: An Anthology of Student Writing | 2019 Writing Submission Form

The submission webform is open!

Written submissions will be accepted until November 30th. 


Before submitting work, please read the 2019 Journeys Submission Guidelines.

  • Written Work Submissions: use the webform below.
  • Original Art Submissions: only original art is accepted. Use the art submission form and guidelines. Submission deadline for art work is January 8th. 

Only one written or art submission per person is accepted. You may submit one art piece that illustrates your written submission. Students must be active in a Minnesota adult literacy program. Your submission must be an original piece of writing or art work.

Questions/concerns? Contact Kelly Rynda at or 651-251-9074.



Student Information
Your first and last name will appear as the author with your written piece and in the author's index. Use the spelling, punctuation and capitalization as you would like it to appear.
Program Information
Writing Submission
Capitalize each word of the title except conjunctions. Example: My Journey to the United States
Please copy the complete text of the story or poem into this text box. Submissions should be no longer than 400 words.
If anonymous, the authors name will not be included