Technology Mentoring

Many ABE practitioners feel that their attempts to learn a new technology skill or plan innovative technology-integrated lessons are like solo flights across the Atlantic: daunting and isolating endeavors.  This technology training initiative aims to give individuals the support they need to attempt that journey and turn apprehension into enthusiasm.  Our goal is to deepen participants’ knowledge and skills through on-going, one-to-one or small group mentoring that’s focused on a particular technology area of their choice.  Participants will have the opportunity to try out something new in the context of supportive relationships.  Finally, the new skills are shared with colleagues so that the ABE community's knowledge base grows.

Teachers may register individually or in teams of 2-4.  We strongly encourage pairs or small groups to form around similar learning needs, so that teachers can support and learn from each other, but independent learners are welcome, too!

You don’t need to be a tech expert to get in on this program!  Teachers with all skill levels are invited to register.  To learn more about what Technology Mentorships are like, click here to read more.

Applications for Fall 2014 will be accepted from Monday, August 25th until Friday, September 26th.  Applications will be reviewed and participants selected no later than October 6th.  In the event we receive more applications than we can accommodate, priority will be given to applications that address high-priority professional development areas.  We will form a waiting list if necessary.


  • Meet periodically face-to-face and/or online with a mentor to learn new skills, plan lessons, develop classroom materials, etc.
  • For teachers, plan and teach a series of at least 3 lessons using your chosen technology; for other ABE roles, implement new technologies in ways appropriate to your role (e.g. recruiting or supporting volunteers, improving communications or data management, etc.)
  • Log and report hours (used to determine CEUs)
  • Write 1-2 page narrative report describing teacher, learner, and/or program outcomes
  • Commit to sharing the skills you learned through your PD project with a colleague or a team of colleagues (such as by presenting at a program or consortium meeting or PD event, training a colleague, creating a poster session for Summer Institute, etc.)


  • From 5-15 CEUs
  • Individualized mentoring for all aspects of your professional development plan!  Including: assistance with identifying teacher and learner needs, choosing appropriate technology(ies), learning new skills, and planning lessons or creating materials
  • In-classroom instructional support during a technology-integrated lesson where appropriate/necessary
  • Stipend of $50 paid upon completion of narrative report

Frequently Asked Questions

How are CEUs awarded for Technology Mentoring?

CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for Technology Mentoring are awarded upon completion of the project.  Project completion is determined by the mentor at the time the participant submits his/her narrative report and documentation.  Participants who withdraw prematurely (i.e. without implementing lessons or submitting a report) will not receive CEUs.

Allocation of CEUs is as follows:

  • From 3-13 CEUs for mentoring sessions (including face-to-face meetings and online, phone, or email communication with the mentor), presenting, and training a colleague.  Participants must record the time they spend on these activities and submit documentation in order to receive CEUs for these activities.
  • 2 CEUs for completing the final report

A minimum of 5 and maximum of 15 CEUs will be awarded.

What is the time commitment for this project?

If you choose to register for Technology Mentoring, you commit to spending at least 5 hours on the project.  There is no upper limit on how much time you may choose to invest; however no more than 15 CEUs may be awarded.  The length of each participant's involvement will vary depending on the complexity of his or her chosen goal.  However, we expect that most participants will work with their mentor over a period of 3-4 months.