Distance Learning Software Training and Support

Skills Tutor and i-Pathways

Our technology services staff support the state Adult Basic Education (ABE) licenses for two online, distance learning products: Skills Tutor and i-Pathways (formerly known as GED-i).  Contact Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt (651-251-9090 or swbrandt@mnliteracy.org) for information about:

  • what these products can offer your ABE/ESL program
  • how to get started
  • how to get training
  • support for current Skills Tutor or i-Pathways instructors
  • proxy hour reporting

Skills Tutor users may also contact SkillsTutor Tech Support at 800-222-3681 or skillstutorsupport@hmhpub.com.  For additional information, please visit the Central Region SkillsTutor Support Site.  Teachers and learners can login at www.myskillstutor.com.  (Teachers can contact Susan to set up a new account.)

For more information about these and other approved distance learning products at mnabe-distancelearning.org.

Learner Web

Learner Web is an online tool where learners can choose what they learn and get the support they need. The Learner Web offers learning plans in subjects ranging from citizenship to computer skills to career training, and it connects learners with great online and local resources. Then, it saves work and tracks progress. And it's free! Visit the Minnesota Learner Web wiki for information about how your site and students could use this tool.