MABE Database Guide


The MABE database was developed through cooperation of Urban Planet and ABE consortia members. It is now serviced and supported through the Minnesota Literacy Council and Urban Planet.

Contact Information

For training, support and reporting services:


Find the MABE manual and online help documentation at this site:

For MABE services or pricing: 

Eric Nesheim, Executive Director, Minnesota Literacy Council, or 651-645-2277, ext. 202

For NRS or Minnesota ABE policy

Todd Wagner, Minnesota Department of Education – ABE, or 651.582.8466


What is MABE and what can it do?

MABE is a database that allows an Adult Basic Education program to accurately track student and volunteer hours for yearly reporting purposes.

How does MABE track information?

The fundamental tables in MABE are the persona tables. These are tied to tables that track hours, assessments, classes, and personal information. So, no matter how many classes a student or volunteer enrolls in or leaves, that information is always stored in a way that can be retrieved through the persona tables.

Who do I contact concerning bugs?

First, please re-check your data to confirm that there is a bug. Please contact for help.

What are the access rights for MABE?

Consortia can create any number of staff logins and give each staff one of the following access rights:

Site Admin:
These staff can see and edit all data in their ABE consortium’s database and run reports. They can take all attendance.

These staff can see and edit all data in their ABE program’s database and run reports. They can take all attendance.

These staff can see and edit all student data in their ABE program’s database. They can see staff, but cannot edit their records. They can take all attendance. They cannot run admin reports.

These staff can take attendance for classes assigned to them. They can see non-secure student and staff data. They can add students to a class, but cannot edit student hours or schedules.They cannot run admin reports.

How do I deny MABE access to former staff?

If you need to deny access to MABE for former staff or staff no longer using MABE, you should enter the staff member's record and change their password.  You will need Admin or higher access to do this.

How do I add volunteers to a class?

Adding volunteers to a class requires editor or higher access. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the class tab and double-click on the class to which you want to add volunteers.
  • Click on Edit.
  • Click on names from the spinner to the left of the Additional Staff window.
  • If you make a mistake, click on the name to be removed in the Additional Staff window.
  • Save.


What hours are used for the NRS Tables?

The state defines fundable hours as contact hours, counseling/testing hours, and GED testing hours. MABE will use the hour designations of contact, counseling and testing, one-to-one, distance learning, and GED testing to create NRS table A.

How do I demark fundable hours?

Setting up a class type as a class, lab, counseling and testing, one-to-one, or distance learning will create contact hours. Entering hours through a class type of GED testing will create the appropriate hours.

How do I select a special program for a student?

For NRS/State related Programs: You go into a student record with editor or higher access and click on Enrollment History.  Next, you click on Add new history. Then, you choose type Program and one of the following:

  • Non-NRS:  Removes a student from annual reporting.
  • Work Based Project
  • Family Literacy
  • Work Place Literacy
  • Corrections:  A lock-down facility.
  • Community Corrections:  Half-way houses and similiar locations.
  • Other Institutional:  Programs at hospitals and similiar locations.
  • Homeless:  Programs specifically for serving the homeless.
  • Distance Learning:  Programs offering approved instruction via media.
  • Transition to Employment: Programs teaching agency referred students work related skills and not core literacy content.

Adding one of these programs to the student record is necessary for the data to show up on the appropriate NRS tables.

Local Programs:

These are for tracking student classifications un-related to NRS/State reporting.

  • GED
  • ASE
  • Tutor
  • ABE
  • Under 21 Diploma
  • Over 21 Diploma
  • Brush Up/Skills
  • Transitions


How do I confirm that a student, volunteer, or staff record isn’t in the database?

MABE has a reactive search engine. Begin typing in the name of the new student, volunteer, or staff member to filter down. It is recommended that you do this before any new entry. For students, you can also type their SSN into the search window to see if it is already being used.

Can I delete student records?

Student records can be deleted only if every hour associated with their record is deleted first. This prevents accidental deletion of student records. This requires Admin or higher access.

How do I delete or edit student hours?

You go into the student record with editor or higher access and click on Student Times. Once there, you can edit or delete existing times or add new times. One important note, adding times in this manner isn’t a preferable way to add class hours. They will be “tied” to the class, but won’t show up on that classes’ attendance sheet if you are audited. It is the preferable way of adding testing hours, though.

What is the best way to re-enroll a student into a class?

You go into the student record with editor or higher access and click on schedule repair. Next, you click on the class that you want to re-enroll the student into and click on edit. Then, you delete the old end date, and change the status back to scheduled. Finally, you click save.

If you do simply add them back into the class using the Add a Class button, the hours will still be recorded accurately, but you will only see the hours for the last enrollment instance if you look at the attendance record for that class. This can make accountability difficult.

How do I change NRS test modalities?

You go into a student record with editor or higher access. Next, you click on Enrollment History. Then, you click on Add new history and choose NRS Subject. Finally, you select the new modality and save using an appropriate date. Note, you can only enter one change per date selected.

How do I track NRS Goals?

You go into a student record with editor or higher access. Next, you click on Enrollment History. Then, you click on Add new history and choose NRS Goal. Finally, you choose the appropriate step for that goal and save.

How do I exit a student?

A student is considered exited if they are not currently scheduled in any classes. For students to be available for NRS Table 5 (Core Follow-up Outcome Achievement), they must be exited from all classes before 5/1of the next reporting year. This means that when a student leaves your program that you enter an exit date of 4/30 or before for each class.


Can I delete volunteers or staff?

You cannot. If is very important to do so, then please contact Garrett. At this point, the potential for mistaken deletion outweighs the occasional mistaken entry. You can always over-write staff data with another new staff member using edit.

Can I edit class times without affecting past attendance?

Yes. Classes are simply conduits for creating hour records. They are also very useful for auditing hours.

If a class changes times, rooms, staff, or other details, just edit the class under the class tab. This will have no affect on previously recorded attendance. Be aware though, that if you change the times that a class meets then any attendance taken from that point forward will be for the new times. That includes any attendance that you might enter for past dates because you forgot to enter them previously.


Can I delete a class?

You can currently delete any class. However, Do Not Delete any class unless you are sure that there are no hours attached to it!

Deleting a class with hours attached to it will confuse a lot of the reports. This is correctable, but requires Urban Planet to reconstruct the class.

I have created a class, but it doesn’t show up when I go to add a student to a class.

You should re-check the class’ end-date and term. Classes will no longer show up as selectable on once the current date exceeds the end-date defined for a class. Also, you will need to change the term spinner next to the Add a Class button in the student record if the term is different.

If a student must be added to a class that has ended, you can edit the class to create a new end-date that is greater than the current date. Once the student is enrolled, you can re-edit the end-date back to the appropriate date.

We forgot to pre-test a student. What do we do?

The state requires that students not in Work Based Project classes be tested within the first 12 hours of instruction with a valid test score. It is recommended that citizenship students also be tested. Any student without an NRS Educational Functioning Level will not qualify for the additional Federal Funding. These students can be found by running Table A and looking under “Students with no EFL.”

Students without an EFL should be tested with an NRS approved exam as soon as the problem is discovered. That exam score should then be entered into MABE. If the student is no longer with your program, they simply won’t be eligible for Federal funding.

We gave an invalid pre-test. What do we do?

This should be discovered by intake staff and corrected within the first 12 hours of instruction by re-testing the student with an exam of appropriate difficulty. If a student has an invalidly high score on a pre-test and then scores invalidly low on the exam of the next highest difficulty, it would be most appropriate to enter the highest valid score from the easier of the two exams. Post-testing would then be done with the harder of the two exams.

What is the Non-NRS Reportable-All Enrollees option on the NRS tables?

Many ABE programs asked that they be able to see the data given by the NRS reports for their entire student population. That can be done with this option. However, running a report with that option selected makes it invalid for NRS reporting purposes.

I want to create reports for our database. What do I do?

Urban Planet can give access to reporting services to members of ABE consortia. These individuals will see all of the data in their own database, but won’t affect the data by creating reports. Any reports created can be then incorporated into their database by sending the report .rdl files and request to Garrett LePage of MLC at

Garrett is also available to create reports usable by most consortia or to help individuals write reports for their own consortia.

I want to track more information than MABE currently allows. What do I do?

Under the Admin tab in MABE, you can create any number of custom fields. You can then begin tracking information using these fields. If you want reports using these fields, someone with reporting services access within your consortium must create them. Once created, they can be placed into your database following the procedure outlined under the previous question.

How can we add new assessment choices to MABE?

Please write an email explicitly defining the test names, subtype names, subject areas, NRS compliance, and use to Garrett LePage of MLC at