Adult tutor trainings

Our trainers offer custom training sessions at your location.

Adult Tutor Training

Download the training catalog for full descriptions. For technology in-services, contact Susan at 651-251-9090 or For GED and children's trainings, contact Rob at 651-645-2277, ext. 206 or For adult ESL trainings, contact Andrea at 651-251-9062 or

  • Reading, Writing, GED and ESL Instruction (pre-service training)
    3-12 hours; for tutors who will be working 1:1, in small group settings or as classroom assistants

  • Speaking and Listening (in-service training)
    1.5-2 hours; 9 workshops available; examples: 5-Minute Pronunciation Lessons, Teaching Vocabulary

  • Reading and Writing (in-service training)
    1.5-2 hours; 8 workshops available; examples: Teaching Reading Fluency, Teaching Writing and Poetry

  • Lesson Planning (in-service training)
    1.5-2 hours; 6 workshops available; examples: Give Your Worksheets a Workout, Low-Prep Activities

  • Education Technology (in-service training)
    2-3 hours; 11 workshops available; examples: Teaching With Blogs, Basic Computer Skills Curriculum Planning

  • Other in-services
    1.5-2 hours; 10 workshops available; examples: Teaching Citizenship, Assessing Student Understanding, Teaching CASAS Competencies