One thing that amazes me about the teacher I work with is her ability to seamlessly incorporate grammar into a contextualized writing lesson that draws from the experience of the students. Today we worked on questions starting with “Do you know how to” and “Would you like to.”
Poll Everywhere is a service that allows you to get feedback from your audience (as a presenter) or class (as a teacher) and represent that feedback as a graph LIVE as it comes in. You can display results in a web browser or in a PowerPoint slide.
Child with kite
Today learners wrote about things pertaining to their childhood. They seemed to enjoy this topic and became quite animated while sharing their answers.
Pop can
Today’s class period focused on healthy beverages and was led by Susan, from the University of Minnesota Simply Good Eating program. Learners were shocked to find out how much sugar was in beverages they regularly consumed.
As adult educators, I think we have a real opportunity to improve the success rate of older adult college students by strengthening their technology skills before they get to the point of feeling stigmatized.
Here are two versions of the same presentation: one with typical, bullet point slides, the other is less typical but more powerful. Look at both slide decks and notice the differences.
While the browser wars continue to wage, often with tools you never think of using, Read on Web is a small plug-in that could be a big help to learners.
Clearly the skills our students are aquiring go far beyond the classroom. It was a good reminder of why I volunteer and the impact adult basic education has on the lives of the learners.
ESL class
Macro's passionate drive to learn English seemed to radiate out of him, affecting those around him.
French food
On Sunday I returned from an amazing European vacation traveling in France and Italy. While nearly everyone we encountered was extremely patient and kind as I struggled to express myself through pantomiming and my hastily assembled handful of French or Italian phrases, I was reminded of my students learning English.



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