Citizenship Test 100 Questions: Tell Me About...

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If learners memorize the 100 questions by rote, they can become flustered if the interviewer varies the wording of the questions. This activity is a review technique for learners who have taken a citizenship class. Summarizing the information about the topics that are covered in the questions helps the learners to cement their knowledge of the background information and to build confidence.


Materials Needed: none


  1. Select a subject or a person from the lists below.
  2. Ask the learner/s to tell you as much as they can about the topic. Prompt as needed.
  3. If the learner/s struggle to talk about a topic, encourage them to study up on it before you meet the next time.


“Tell me about the Civil War.”  “Tell me about the American Flag.” “Tell me about Susan B. Anthony.”




Abraham Lincoln

Supreme Court

Ben Franklin


Susan B. Anthony


Woodrow Wilson

Bill of Rights

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson

July 4th

George Washington

American Flag

Franklin Roosevelt

Executive Branch

John Roberts

Judicial Branch

Nancy Pelosi

Legislative Branch

The President

Washington, D.C.

Donald Trump


Mike Pence

House of Representatives


Activity adapted from the Miami-Dade County Public Schools: Handbook for Citizenship Teachers

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