red and white striped popcorn boxes full of popcorn

Purpose: to help learners listen to specific vocabulary, and get everyone laughing and moving. It’s great to use as an energizer for the middle of the class!

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  None

  1. Set the chairs in a circle, and have one learner sit down in each chair.
  2. Call out a sentence that begins with “Find a new chair if…” and has a physical description of people in the class (clothing, appearance, etc.).
  3. All of the learners who match the sentence must stand up and find a new chair.
  4. Do this several times, then sit down while learners are finding a new chair. The learner who is standing in the middle now has to call out a sentence. If they struggle, encourage the class to help provide them with examples.
  5. Repeat the game until most learners have had a chance to be in the middle and call out a sentence.

Examples: Find a new chair if…

You are wearing glasses.

You have long hair.

You are wearing black shoes.

You have blue eyes.

You have blue pants.


Expansion: You can also do this for things that are not visible, such as city where people live, number of children, pets, etc.


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