Class Memory Quiz

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Purpose:  Help learners improve their listening and recollection skills, as well as practice responding to questions.

Preparation Time:  2 minutes

Materials Needed:  mini-whiteboards, markers, erasers


  1. Generate a list of 2-5 questions that tie into the current class theme.

Example 1:

(Low beginning level class, theme of family)

How many sons do you have?

How many daughters do you have?

How many sisters do you have?

How many brothers do you have?

Example 2:

(High intermediate level class, theme of jobs)

What was your first job?

What is your dream job?

What is a job that you think you would hate?

What is one strength you have that makes you a good employee?

What is one area that you want to improve?

  1. Go around the group and ask each learner the questions. Take notes as the learners respond. Have everyone else in the group listen to the answers.
  2. Give all of the learners in the group a mini-whiteboard and a marker.
  3. Ask the group questions about the answers that they heard (e.g. “Who has two sons and one daughter?” “Who would hate to be a plumber?”). Have the learners write the name of the learner or learners who had that answer on their mini-whiteboards, then show their answers to the whole group. If you do not have a class set of mini-whiteboards, have the learners raise their hands to share the answer.
  4. Continue asking questions until everyone has gotten a few correct answers.

Modification 1: For low-level learners, have them point to the learner with the matching answer rather than writing names. Do a count so that everyone points at the same time.

Modification 2: To add an additional challenge, have the learners work together at the beginning of the activity to generate the 2-5 questions around the topic.

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