New Teaching Phonics Video Now Available!

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In the classroom, how often do you hear the question “Teacher, how do I spell that?”

While it’s easy for teachers and tutors to quickly spell a word for learners, we want to make sure that learners are gaining the skills that they need to begin to sound words out themselves. For learners who are working on spelling, word families and rhyme is a way to help learners make educated guesses about how new words are spelled, based on other words that sound similar.

In the new video, Literacy Level Adult ESL Instruction: Teaching Phonics and Rhyme, teacher Mya Shaftel demonstrates the phonics routine that she uses in her class to help learners develop their phonemic awareness and phonics skills. See her take the class of pre-beginning learners through rhyme recognition, word family sorting, a writing activity, and a speaking mingle. These activities can be duplicated for any word family, and used in pre-beginning, beginning, and low-intermediate level classes to strengthen phonics skills and develop confidence with spelling.

This video, along with many others, can be found on the Classroom Videos page on the MN Literacy Council’s website at It is also on the MN ABE Professional Development Youtube channel at

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