Voter Education 2018: I am a citizen, how do I vote?

The word vote with a checkmark in place of the V

Five classroom lessons for adult English language learners, adult basic education, and citizenship classes that are based on stories for students to read, using a ‘real-life’ approach to learning. Follow Hawa, Fatima, Carlos, William, Nhong, Mai and Tran as they register to vote, learn about the candidates and issues, make choices, and finally cast their vote in the 2018 election.


In these lessons, students develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and critical thinking while they learn about a significant facet of life in the United States – voting and elections. All lessons include an original story, related vocabulary, a worksheet with questions for discussion, an activity, and relevant information for the instructor. Each lesson  takes 15-25 minutes, depending upon discussion time.


Links are provided to websites for more information on the election process and candidate information. Pre-registration forms are included and absentee ballots may be downloaded; websites are included.


Lesson 1       Registering to vote

Lesson 2       Learning about levels of government

Lesson 3       Learning about the candidates and the issues

Lesson 4       Making a choice     

Lesson 5       Casting a vote

Information for the five lessons is from the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office and the League of Women Voters.



Written as a contribution to democracy and education by Meredith Sommers 

ESL/English Language Teacher and Citizenship Teacher

Centro Guadalupano, Minneapolis, MN 


Thanks to Minnesota Literacy Council for encouragement and distribution of this curriculum.     


Permission is granted by author to download, copy and use all or part of the lessons. Download the PDF or Word version of the lessons below, or find them at . If you receive this tutor tip in your email and are unable to clink on the link, copy and paste it in your internet browser.

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