Check your Conversation

two stick figures with overlapping speech bubbles

Purpose:  To practice using vocabulary words in a conversational setting

Preparation Time:  10 minutes

Materials Needed:  list of 5-10 vocabulary words, one copy per learner


  1. Decide on a topic that will enable the learners to use the vocabulary words in a conversation.
  2. Pass out a copy of the list of the vocabulary words to each learner.
  3. Assign each learner a partner, and tell them the topic that they will be talking about.
  4. When the activity begins, learners get together with their partner and discuss the topic. As they speak, they must try to use the words from their vocabulary list. As they use each word, they check it off their list.
  5. Once all of the words are checked off, the partners finish their conversation and sit back down.
  6. After all of the learners are seated, call on a couple of different pairs to recount their conversations and share some examples of how they used the vocabulary words.

Modification 1: Give the learners time to think and plan out what they would like to say before they get together with their partner.

Modification 2: If you have a group of higher level learners, allow them to choose the topic that they will talk about with their partner.

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