Soft Skills for Teaching Technology

We are always looking for better ways to teach technology to staff and students. Recently I discovered a webinar housed on a library training site entitled "Top Ten Skills for Teaching Tech to Patrons" .  I was keenly intersted as I presented a session at the last Volunteer Management Conference entitled “Empowering Volunteers in Computer Labs”.  While the the presenter didn't really mention any "tech skills" one should posess, she did a nice job with the webinar and I found it useful as she touched on an area I had not thought about in my own presentation, the differences of teaching one on one vs. teaching a group.


If you have any interest in teaching of any sort, I think it will be worth your time to watch the webinar. I also recommend checking out the chat spreadsheet as it lists more resources for teachers. As an added bonus , you can print off the certificate of completion when you are finished. I have mine hanging my office.  


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