What is the Refugee Experience?

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Learn about the global refugee experience through three short and engaging videos.

The Refugee Process | Wilmot Collins | TEDxHelena

What is the process that refugees have to go through in settling into the United States? Mr. Wilmot Collins is a refugee from Liberia who was forced to flee the Liberian civil war. Mr. Collins arrived in the United States in 1994, and he now resides in Helena, Montana with his wife, daughter, and son. To Wilmot, the U.S. means a second chance.


Being a refugee is not a choice: Carina Hoang at TEDxPerth

Refugees are often marginalised, their humanity ignored as their stories go untold. In this remarkable and emotional talk, however, author and former refugee Carina Hoang discusses her experience as a "boat person". It's a powerful account that is impossible to ignore.


I AM A REFUGEE: Global refugees share their stories

Global Citizen recently traveled to Buffalo, NY, a refugee resettlement hub, to meet refugees from over 10 countries. Some are recent arrivals. Others have been in the US for most of their lives. Together, their stories form an intimate portrait of what it means to be a refugee.


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