Snipping Tool, the Most Useful Tool You Didn't Know You Already Had

Throughout the years, Microsoft has made a number of "not so helpful" changes to their operating systems , adding Snipping Tool is not one of those changes.  Those familar with Jing or Snagit   will recognize Snipping Tool as a very easy to use desktop clipping tool. One of the primary differences is that Snipping Tool is already built into your Windows 7 and Window10 system.  If you  have not used it before,  access it by clicking on your Start Button and start typing in Snipping Tool.

Open Snipping Tool and click on NEW, this will gray out the background of your desktop and by holding down your mouse button you will be able to highlight the area you want to snip and save from your desktop. From that point you can save, send , use a pen tool or highlight your snip.  This is much easier that saving to Paint software to edit. While you are unable to record video with Snipping Tool;I believe you, your staff and your students will find it a valuable addition to their digital skillset.

For those that would like to see Snipping Tool in action, check out  this YouTube video


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