Are you a TechBoomer ?

It's hard to be great at everything. In fact ,ometimes it's hard to be great at just one thing.  While I think our technology integretation skils for ABE programs are awesome, we can't always cover all things tech related.  Enter TechBoomers.  This site is sponsored by a number of great libraries "offers free articles that teach people how to use technology to make their lives easier (and more fun!)." Catergories of trainings include; Social, Entertainment, Shopping, Learn, Everyday, and Internet 101. 

These groupings and everyday focus includes such things as;  how to use PayPal, order a ride on Uber, text using your iPhone and much more. Additionally if  you are looking to include such material on your own program website, they are part of creative commons and you can download their blog posts from Dropbox.   I encourage you to take a look at TechBoomers as there is something for everyone.





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