Net Inclusion Conference Session Materials

National Digital Inclusion Alliance logo

While much of the countrys' politcal news has concerned Senate races and tax bills, the FCC will soon vote on changes that could greatly affect everyones' access to the internet . One of many organizations working to make sure the internet is a open system is the National Digital Inclusion Alliance. While I always recommend investigating issues from both sides I do think their website is a great resource for digital literacy resources. This past summer I attended the two day conference and thought it was a great event.  Session handouts are available on NDIA website along with all the rest of the breakout session materials and include such topics as:

  • I can't afford a computer: Acquiring affordable devices for people who need them
  • Digital inclusion strategies in rural and tribal communities
  • Varieties of digital literacy training: Same goal, different approaches
  • And many more

Take some time to check out the sessions that interest you and I think you will find some really informative and useful information for you, your staff and your students.


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