Tech Sessions This Week at the ABE Support Services Conference

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If you are planning on attending the ABE Support Services Conference this week  and are looking for tech related sessions, fear not, there are three great ones to choose from.  Susan Wentenkamp-Brandt will present on Google Forms, Jenny Shlukebier will share tips and tricks for getting your SiD Reports into Excel and GED Testing Services staff will review whats new including GED Live. All these session will take place on Friday December 1st. For more information visit .

    The following is an conference schedule excerpt with session descriptions from the preliminary program found online.


Google Makes Online Forms a Breeze - Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt

Google forms – a feature of Google Docs/Drive – allow you to create online forms to collect information through the internet and email, and display it in a spreadsheet.  Surveys, evaluation forms, information requests, training registrations, and volunteer applications are just a few of the uses of this powerful, yet easy to use, application.  We’ll work hands-on, so please bring your Google account login information so you can fully participate.


SiD Reports/Excel – Jenny Shlukebier Urban Planet
Take a look at reports available in SiD, from attendance to testing information, level gains and goals. Share ideas about how to put this information to use. Learn tips and tricks for exporting and organizing information in excel. There will be time for questions and answer.

What’s New at GED Testing Service? - Jim Afdahl, Jane Bledsoe, Mellissa Hulltstrand

We will discuss and review new GED offerings, including GED Live, a program to supplement classroom instruction, partnering with Kaplan, and GED Flash, a digital flash card program, developed in conjunction with Aztec. We will also reserve some time for the participants to Ask GED Anything.

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