Cinquain Poems

puppy cinaquin poem

Purpose:  To help learners stretch and develop their creative writing skills in a structured formula while reviewing parts of speech

Preparation Time:  10 minutes

Materials Needed:  Class copies of the attached Cinquain PDF handout


  1. Show and read the class an example of a cinquain poem. You can use an example from the first page of the attached handout, or write your own.
  2. Explain that a cinquain poem is a 5-line poem that does not rhyme and follows a specific pattern.
  3. Go back to the example and write the pattern next to each line:

Classroom                                                                   a one-word title, a noun

busy, difficult                                                             two adjectives

speaking, reading, writing                                    three -ing participles

learn from teacher and friends                          a phrase

English                                                                          a synonym for your title, another noun

  1. Show the class several more examples, and have the learners note how each poem follows the pattern.
  2. As a class, come up with a topic for a cinquain poem. Have the learners call out suggestions for each line and write them on the board.
  3. Read the poem out loud together as a class.
  4. Pass out the second page of the attached handout, and have learners work in partners or independently to generate their own cinquain poems. Remind the learners to follow the pattern of the poem on the worksheet.
  5. Ask for volunteers to read their poems out loud to the class.
  6. If you have time, you can have the class complete the third sheet of the attached handout as they reflect on their poetry writing experience.

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For more examples of cinquain poems, visit Write Shop’s post titled “How to Write a Cinquain Poem”

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