New Professional Communication Skills Curriculum

Cover page of LMI PCSL Curriculum

If you are working with higher level learners who are looking to develop professional speaking skills, the new LMI PCSL curriculum published by the US State Department is an excellent place to start. The curriculum has a variety of lessons and materials that cover seven different units: Professional Introductions, Conferences as Professional Development, Conference Abstracts, PowerPoint™ for Conferences, Public Speaking and Oral Presentations, Communication for Conferences, and Pronunciation.

The LMI PCSL Core Curriculum is flexibly structured in order to be implemented in a variety of teaching situations. Teachers may choose to teach the units in an intensive seminar, covering multiple units over the course of one or two weeks, or integrate specific units or lesson plans as needed to enhance the communication skills of students’ during a stand-alone workshop or over the course of a regular class. Since the curriculum units are all designed to be taught as stand-alone, the teacher is able to select the topics that are the most appropriate to their students’ needs, without needing to teach the entire curriculum. Each unit contains a short unit overview, providing teachers with the background and approach of the lesson plans, as well as implementation recommendations in order to bring the greatest benefit to the students. The beginning of each lesson plan provides teachers with an overview of the objectives, student copies and resources, and technology requirements.

The curriculum is designed to expose teachers to a range of communicative and student-centered classroom activities in order to introduce new teaching techniques which can be adapted and used in a variety of instructional settings. The examples provided in the lesson plans have been kept general enough to be accessible to teachers working in a variety of content areas. However, each of the lesson plans contains integrated content boxes, which provide suggestions to the teacher on how to tie the lesson content to students’ professional areas of interest and to integrate content-specific language into the activities.

Download the PDF of the curriculum for free at  If you are reading this Tutor Tip in your email, copy the link and paste it in your browser to go to the site.

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