Clap for Vocabulary

hands clapping

Purpose:  A fun and easy warm-up to help learners build their listening skills and practice distinguishing vocabulary words

Preparation Time:  None

Materials Needed:  None


  1. Write the words from the class’s current vocabulary list on the board and quickly review them with the class.
  2. Explain to the learners that you are going to say a list of words out loud, and that they will clap when they hear the words from the current vocabulary list. If you say a word that isn’t from the list, they shouldn’t clap.
  3. Practice with a few words, alternating saying words from the list with other random words to check to see if the learners understand when to clap.
  4. Begin saying words, interspersing words from the vocabulary list. As the learners become more comfortable with the game, say the words faster to make it more challenging.
  5. Learners will have to listen carefully to distinguish the vocabulary words, especially if you mix in rhyming words or words with similar sounds. This is a fast and fun game, especially when it becomes more challenging and learners clap for the wrong words!

Modification: Give the learners a category, such as fruits, cities, sports, etc. Then begin to call out words. Whenever you say a word that fits the category, the students clap. If it doesn’t fit the category, no one should clap.

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