Early Service Training

August 21-22

During Early Service Training, 15 of our AmeriCorps Literacy VISTA Cohort gathered officially for the first time. Together we had trainings on:

  • Why Literacy Matters
  • Effective Communication at their sites
  • What’s in a VAD (VISTA Assignment Description)
  • VISTA Living
  • Policies and procedures

Since all work and no play makes for a very long day, we did some team bonding activities!

The eclipse occurred during our first day, so we crafted boxes to view it safely. Even though it was cloudy, we had a blast figuring out how to construct an effective box. We even got a quick glimpse of it!

The next day we competed in teams to get a golfball down a papertube pipeline into a small teacup. It was way more challenging than it appears.

We look forward to more trainings and activities throughout the rest of the year.

Welcome AmeriCorps Literacy VISTA Cohort of 2017-2018!

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